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***  ​All Prices Shown INCLUDE Sales Tax  ***  All Prices Shown INCLUDE Sales Tax  ***

The "Rocco"  -  $8.50
Steak and Cheese - wit or wit'out Onions

Frank's Choice  -  $8.75
Steak and Cheese with Your Choice of up to 2 of the following items:
Onions, Mushrooms, Sweet Peppers, Hot Cherry Peppers

The "Reno"  -  $8.95
Steak, Cheese, Onions, Mushrooms and Sweet Peppers all included

Guy's Choice  -  $8.95
Steak and Cheese with a Pair of Fried Eggs

That CheeseSteak Guy appreciates your patronage and reminds you 
that you don't have to be from Philly to fall in love with these!

* Prices and portions subject to change without notice due to market conditions and consumer preference *

Credit Card Orders Incur A $.25 Cent Surcharge Per Sandwich

*** ​All Prices Shown INCLUDE Sales Tax *** All Prices Shown INCLUDE Sales Tax ***

That CheeseSteak Guy's Menu
All of That CheeseSteak Guy's construction projects are built with 8 ounces of sliced steak, straight from Philadelphia, on an Amoroso Roll, also from the heart of Philly.  That CheeseSteak Guy builds every order with care and attention to detail to ensure your Philly CheeseSteak palate craving is satisfied beyond your expectations!  Get ready to enjoy, quite possibly, the best Philly CheeseSteak south of the Mason Dixon line!
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